#WealthLifeImpact Leap

A transformational 8-week online program, live coaching and community to help you increase positive impact and sustainable wealth – starting where you are at in your career and what you’ve got. Feel more fulfilled and joyful by aligning your work >< life, finances and desire for sustainability, and be empowered to invest in future-leading solutions.

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Positive Impact

Create your individual roadmap for more impact and feeling fulfilled

Sustainable Wealth

Learn how to invest in sustainable solutions and achieve financial wellness

Live Online Coaching

Join weekly group video calls with Nadine Bruder plus exclusive content

24/7 Peer Support

Connect and exchange with other like-minds in a private online forum

You Want Your Work >< Life and Money to Work For You and For Positive Impact?

If you keep waiting or trying to figure out how to align your work >< life and finances to create positive impact and sustainable wealth for a retirement you’ll love on your own, you’ll waste precious time that could be spent creating the life you seek and investing into opportunities with sustainable impact for you, the planet and the collective good.

#WealthLifeImpact Leap helps you go from missed opportunities to confidently building positive impact and sustainable wealth.

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Let’s Do This Together!

I’m Nadine Bruder – creator of #WealthLifeImpact Leap and founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT; 12x award-winning strategist; entrepreneur; advisor and German-born sustainability advocate.

Together with carefully curated industry experts I’ll provide with #WealthLifeImpact Leap the insights, step-by-step guidance and support to help you to align your work >< life, finances and desire to invest into a sustainable future.

I’ve been grateful to be international advisory partner for innovation, sustainability (ESG/SDGs), purpose and strategic growth to executive managers and founders from the financial/ FinTech, technology, investment and lifestyle industries for 1.5 decades. In 2019 I experienced that people from my network and strangers started to reach out for my advice on how to increase positive impact in their lives. So when the pandemic hit globally, I’ve come to the realization that I’m passionate about blending my domain experiences with personal empowerment and engage with a wider group of individuals.

I believe the more personally empowered and financially literate people are, the more they can contribute to positive impact in society in ways they don‘t know yet is possible.

That’s why part of my mission today is to inspire and to provide value-based wealth building literacy as well as opportunities to as many individuals as possible, and in particular women. So that they can confidently create the life they seek while being able to increase positive impact and invest in sustainable solutions. Because we’re all in this together!

You really inspired me and pushed me to explore other opportunities. You generally got me to think about the future in a new way! I hope that I can find a way to properly thank you.


You are a hero! You really help because your attitude is so simple and clear. If you come to London please look me up. I owe you a lot!

FrancescaArchitecture Graduate

Nadine's presence and leadership would always make any mediocre projects inevitable to excellence.

PebblesLearning Design Director

Online Program & Coaching

Make Sustainability and Personal Growth Your Priority. We Provide the Needed Space and Support.

Experts and Practitioners

Carefully curated practitioners from different areas, such as finance, investments, sustainability and wellness, share along with Nadine Bruder experiences, step-by-step guidance and encouragement needed for your success for positive impact and in sustainable wealth building.

Our program includes gender-related differences in wealth building, too. So we encourage specifically women to join!

24/7 Private Online Group

Our private 24/7 online forum brings together like-minded individuals who share a common goal: to align their work-life and positive impact while building wealth though sustainable investment opportunities for a life they will enjoy.

The forum is a space for accountability and where high-quality interactions can take place. People you meet here can become lifelong connections of yours. And we’re always with you in the online forum.

Weekly Live Coaching

During the 8-week program there will be 8 live group video calls with Nadine Bruder for personal support. So you do the weekly course modules at your own pace, you can connect with other attendees in the private online forum 24/7, and you can also use the opportunity to join weekly live group calls in which we exchange over the weekly modules and discuss your questions.

You Should Only Join #WealthLifeImpact Leap, If You Are Serious About Positive Impact and Sustainable Wealth Building, and Committed to Put In the Time and Effort.


THE Action-based, Transformative Guidance That You Always Wanted

Video and audio recorded lessons as well as text-baes ones that provide step-by-step guidance on how to align career – life – finances and positive impact and on how to leverage sustainability in wealth building practices. Coupled with templates, tools, examples, and insights that are designed to help you put into practice the mindset, process and strategies you’ll learn. Plus weekly live video group sessions and a private online forum to exchange with like-minds.



Learn the mindset that supports you along your process of alignment and when you decide on wealth building opportunities – an extraordinary asset for your future. 



Maximize your opportunities for positive impact and sustainable wealth building with your integrated impact >< life >< finances >< work strategy – you will be guided with Nadine Bruder’s #WealthLifeImpact Formula! You’ll also start crafting your roadmap for its execution.



Understand ESG and the SDGs, the international frameworks for sustainability and sustainable business practices. Design your personal sustainability portfolio and learn how to invest in future-leading opportunities based on your values, goals and resources – starting with what you’ve already got.



Learn to adopt essential tools, tactics and support systems in order to grow personally and to make your money work for you and positive impact  – so you’ll feel in control and at ease.



Navigate different asset classes based on sustainability, your values and goals. Learn how to invest into them and how to save you from loosing money – so you can create financial wellness for when you’re retired. 



Digital collectibles (NFTs) and crypto currencies are on the rise – understand market developments and confidently know if and how they fit into your sustainable wealth building activities.

#WealthLifeImpact Leap Is So Much More Than Personal Empowerment and Financial Literacy. It’s also a Community to Foster Positive Impact Together.

Here Is What You’ll Get

✓ 8 weekly guided, interactive online curriculum modules – learn at your own pace – with videos, audio and text files

Step-by-step systems and frameworks

✓ Market insights 

BONUS, experts’ experiences

BONUS, templates and worksheets

BONUS, useful resources and tools

BONUS, examples of investment cases

BONUS, lifetime access to the content

✓A Private Online Forum where you can connect and exchange with other like-minds, ask questions and get accountability

Ongoing support throughout the course by Nadine Bruder and team

Inspiration on how to create and support positive impact 

SURPRISE, additional specials exclusively for program attendees

8 Weekly Live Group Video Calls with Nadine Bruder in which you receive personal support (one group call is ca. 90-120 min)

Feel More Fulfilled by Aligning Your Work <> Life, Finances and Your Desire to Support a Sustainable Future.

Plan 4 Hours a Week and You’ll Experience

✓ You create positive impact by having aligned your work><life, finances and desire for sustainability

✓ You act from a place of joy, confidence and knowledge

✓ You build support systems that help you thrive and keep you in control 

✓ A ready for execution sustainable wealth building and investment strategy as well as your roadmap that serves a retirement you’ll love

✓ Depending on the efforts you put in, you might have done potential investments on your own

✓ You know how to support solutions aligned with your values and with sustainability

✓ You understand traditional and new investment opportunities so you can built a more resilient and future-leading investment portfolio

Are You Ready To Take The Leap?


#WealthLifeImpact Mindset


Design Your Integrated Impact Strategy


Create Your Sustainability Investment Portfolio


Build Your Success Systems


Leverage the Stock Market


Understand New Digital Assets


8 Live Video Group Calls With Nadine Bruder

Private Online Forum With Like-Minds

Market and Industry Insights

Ongoing Support


Examples of Investment Cases

Experts‘ Experiences

Useful Resources & Tools

Templates & Worksheets

Lifelong Access to Content

Lifelong Access to Connections Made


Additional specials exclusively for program attendees

100% Committed to Your Needs

The Value of #WealthLifeImpact Leap Is Priceless

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One-Time Payment

8 Week Guided Success Curriculum
8 Weekly Live Video Calls
Private Online Forum and Network
Experts and Industry Insights
Useful Resources & Tools
Lifelong Access

Limited Launch Offer

Regular Price: 1.200 EUR 

590 EUR

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Payment Plan

8 Week Guided Success Curriculum
8 Weekly Live Video Calls
Private Online Forum and Network
Experts and Industry Insights
Useful Resources & Tools
Lifelong Access

Limited Launch Offer

Regular Price: 4x 305 EUR

4x 150 EUR

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If you’re unhappy with the course for any reason, let us know within 14 days from the start, and we’ll give you a full refund.

10% of the proceeds are used to plant trees through Treedom, a certified B-Corp that works on the ground in Africa, Asia and in Latin America.

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We’re giving away FREE tickets among people who register for #WealthLifeImpact Leap!

Looking forward to guide you along your transformation and to make an impact with you! – Nadine

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the content and network?

You will have lifetime access to the content and to connections made.

Are there any prerequisites for this program?

You should already have a basic understanding about how to create financial security.

You will get the most out of the program if you are really committed to putting in the time to define and start executing your financial empowerment activities based on your created #WealthLifeImpact Leap roadmap during the program.

How is #WealthLifeImpact Leap taught?

The #WealthLifeImpact Leap program is taught primarily through pre-recorded video and audio lessons and a few written lessons. Each module and its lessons are supplemented by workbooks, examples, guides and additional in-depth resources. Peer group discussions and networking happen through a private online forum, accessible 24/7. Weekly live online group coaching sessions (ca. 90 minutes) take place through Zoom.

What resources are included in the program?

Upon enrollment you have access to pre-recorded video and audio lessons as well as to written ones. You’ll be invited to weekly live online group coaching sessions hosted by Nadine Bruder and invited guests and experts. The curriculum also includes workbooks, guides, examples and templates. We also provide you with additional in-depth resources and valuable tools.

Do you run this program also later in time?

We are launching #WealthLifeImpact Leap in a cohort-based learning setup and with limited seats. We are committed to run more editions.

Sign up to our list and get notified when we’re open for enrollment.

What if I’m unhappy with the program?

We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know within 14 days after the program started, and we’ll refund your payment.

How much time will this take?

It’s an 8-week program with weekly content that you can work on at your own pace and with one weekly live online video group coaching session. We provide you with step-by-step guidance and with an in-depth understanding of wealth management, value-based investing, market developments and with valuable additional resources.

Carve out a minimum of three hours a week and you get the fundamentals to build upon in this program. However, it’s like with everything in life: the more you put in, the more you get out of it. So keep in mind that there will be video and audio recorded lesson for you to flexibly consume. Beyond those lessons, you should carve out time to explore worksheets, guides, and examples, join discussions in the weekly online live group session which are around 90 minutes, and begin applying your learnings.

Will I learn how I get out of debts?

No! This program is for people who are not in debts.

Will you do investments for me?

We present investment examples and product categories, like stocks, funds and other asset classes, so that you have an overview and understanding in order to then decide on your own which product or opportunity fits your goals and values best.

In addition, you can exchange and discuss wealth building opportunities with other participants in the private online forum.

Please note, we are no licensed financial advisors, no wealth managers, and we don’t invest on your behalf. However, for our program we for instance collaborate with respective experts who share their industry insights and experiences. In that way you are empowered to learn from practitioners and are able to confidently manage your financial planning activities either on your own or through the support system that you will build during the online program.