8 Weeks to Your Wealth Building Strategy and Value-based Investing

Learn how to create and execute your #WealthLifeImpactLeap that takes you from missed opportunities to wealth building and investing that align with your values and goals. Live the life you seek, enjoy financial wellness when you retire and be empowered to invest in solutions with positive impact.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

You feel that you are missing out on money for retirement, but you don’t know where to start and feel overwhelmed.

You want your money to be invested in alignment with your values, but you don’t know the best way to do this.

You wish you would act from a place of confidence and knowledge when using financial apps, investing in stocks or talking to financial advisors.

I absolutely hear you and let me tell you…

Wealth building is neither a black box nor exclusive. It’s a mindset and a systematic approach, starting with what you’ve already got.


I’m Nadine Bruder, the creator of #WealthLifeImpactLeap and founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT; 12x award-winning strategist; innovator; German-born sustainability advocate and angel-investor.

After being dubbed “secret weapon to any business” and 14+ years of advising executive managers from the financial, technology, investment and lifestyle industries across the world on how to harness innovation and sustainability and how to make millions more in revenue, it is my mission today to share my hard-won knowledge and help individuals to confidently build wealth for a life they seek and to be able to invest aligned with their values and in sustainable solutions.

Because I believe the more financially and entrepreneurial empowered people are, the more they can contribute to positive impact in society in ways they don‘t know yet is possible.

The Truth Is…

Markets are changing fast, new opportunities to build wealth emerge, and traditional saving for retirement is broken.

If you keep waiting or trying to figure out wealth building and value-based investing alone, you’ll waste precious time that could be spent creating financial wellness for a retirement you’ll love, living the life you seek, and investing into competitive opportunities with positive impact for societies and the planet.

So let’s have this just damn right for you!

Ready To Leap Forward With The Life You Seek?

If you are really serious about your financial empowerment and making money work for your values, and you dipped your toes already a little into wealth building, then #WealthLifeImpactLeap is the action-based and insightful guidance upgrading you to pro that you always wanted!

Upgrade To Wealth Building and Value-based Investing Like A Pro In 8 Weeks

#WealthLifeImpactLeap is a 8-week premium online accelerator and mentorship program that teaches effective wealth building systems, value-based investing and industry insights to professionals who are serious about confidently securing for retirement, living their envisioned life and using opportunities to invest in solutions with positive impact.

Well recognized experts will be invited to share their experiences and insights, too. So the program is designed to empower attendees to benefit from a rapidly changing economy. Carve out 3 hours per week and let us guide you step by step along the way.

On a personal note: I encourage in particular females who face financial inequalities to join this program.

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You Will Learn How To…

Maximize your opportunities with your integrated wealth building strategy  – you will be guided with my #WealthLifeImpact Formula!

Learn how to create a good investment portfolio based on your values, goals and resources – starting with what you already have.

Adopt experts’ saving tactics and support systems for your portfolio to make your money work for you – so you’ll feel in control.

Navigate different asset classes based on your values and goals, learn how to invest into them and how to safe you from loosing money – so you can add to your income or savings.

New digital assets and currencies are on the rise – be at the forefront of changes and confidently know if and how they fit into your wealth building strategy.

Here Is What’s Included

✓ 8 week guided online curriculum – learn at your own pace

Step-by-step systems and frameworks

✓ Templates and examples

Insights from me and invited guests

BONUS, useful resources and tools

BONUS, showcasing investment opportunities

BONUS, lifetime access to the content

BONUS, access to all future updates I make to the content

✓A Private Network where you can meet others from across the globe, ask questions and get accountability

✓ Ongoing support throughout the course by me

I’ll be around in the group even after the course has ended

8 Weekly Live Group Video Calls with me in which you receive personal guidance from me (one call is ca. 90 min)

Special guests and practitioners that I’m going to invite will also drop in

By Investing 3 Hours a Week You Will Walk Away With

✓ A ready for execution wealth building and investment strategy as well as a roadmap that serves a retirement you’ll love

✓ Depending on the efforts you put in, you might have done potential investments

✓ You act from a place of knowledge and confidence 

✓ You built support systems that keep you in control and help you manage money

✓ You understand traditional and new investment opportunities so you can built a more resilient investment portfolio

✓ You know how to support solutions aligned with your values and with positive impact

Goodbye Overwhelm? Take #WealthLifeImpactLeap!

Starting this July. Limited seats only. Payment plan available.

What Else To Know About Me As Your Host

Multi-Industry Expert & Practitioner

12 acclaimed awards and 14+ years of working hands-on and internationally at the intersection of technology innovation, FinTech, retail, AI, sustainability, investing, business and lifestyle. Advising Fortune companies, founders and board members on how to make millions more in revenue and anticipate future-strategies. Built innovative services and solutions and set up Germany’s first innovative IT-bootcamp education company in 2016 to empower people to start a career in tech.

ESG/SDG Advocate

Since 2016 internationally involved with innovators and institutions leading ESG (environmental, social, governance) practices, measurement and investing. Founder of the independent, international She For Social Impact Awards that honor visionary women and their innovative solutions to achieving the United Nations global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

International Speaker

At household names such as Slush (Shanghai), Infobahn (Tokyo), Golden Seeds (New York), Plug & Play (Munich), AsiaPacific Week (Berlin), & more

Entrepreneur & Angel-Investor

Founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT, a platform for sustainability-led investments, culture and future-leading education. It’s backed by an international network of exceptional entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, sustainability experts, analysts, lawyers, scientists and creatives. We know what makes innovative solutions last, build and invest in them.

What People Say

In only three months working with Nadine, we have achieved the things that we've been trying to accomplish over the past eight years.

FrankCEO, IT Consultancy

Her intricate sense and sharp foresight of identifying business opportunities make her stand on the frontline of all things digital and innovative.

Head of InnovationFinancial Services Company

Nadine is clearly ahead of her time and an inspiring leader.

StefanSerial Entrepreneur & CEO, Software Company

Are You Ready To Take The Leap? Here’s What You’ll Get:

8 Week Guided #WealthLifeImpactLeap Success Curriculum

8 Weekly Live Video Calls With Me

Private Network For Accountability and Exchange

Ongoing Support

Industry Insights From Me and Invited Guests



Design Your Integrated Wealth Building Strategy


Curate Your Value-Based Investment Portfolio


Build Your Wealth Success Systems


Benefit From the Stock Market


Get an Edge on Cryptos


Showcasing Investment Opportunities

Useful Resources & Tools

Templates & Examples

Lifelong Access to Content & Content Updates

Opportunity to Influence the Program


One Additional Private Power Coaching Hour With Me


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