Purpose-Driven Leadership and Strategy

Unlock the power of this science-proven management approach with its crazy simple essence, applied by great leaders.

Nadine Bruder, award-winning strategist and founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT, facilitates this workshop.

Create Brands That People Love, Outperform Competition, and Improve Your ROI.

Nadine Bruder, who facilitates this workshop, has been applying the purpose-led approach in her strategy advisory work for executives from industry leaders and innovative startups since the beginning of her career in 2007. With that approach under her belt she was able to create extraordinary results for the brands which she has helped lead into the future.

Funnily enough her first executive advisory work turned Steve Jobs – the business man who personifies purpose-driven leadership probably the most – into a fan of her client’s brand.

The essence of the purpose-driven leadership and strategy approach is so crazy simple yet powerful: Know and integrate your purpose, aka “Your Why”, so that it will guide you effortlessly forward on your path to what you define “Success and Impact” – as an organization, as a team, or as an individual. 

However unfortunately, it comes easier to us to share what we are doing or offering. But expressing the reason why we are doing the things comes harder to us. Yet, the reason behind is the key to the “What” and “How” in our work-lives and in business.

Once we can clearly express a purpose, everything will almost automatically align and even help us navigate through turbulent times. And what we identify as success or impact can be achieved more effortlessly.

Throughout the workshop be assured that Nadine creates an inspiring, highly engaging and safe place for you to be open. What happens in the workshop, stays in the room! Group sessions will also invite for needed reflections among participants.


Interactive live workshop, on-site or virtual


Nadine Bruder, award-winning strategist and founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT


Half a day


English or German

Maximum participants

On-site: 50

Virtual: 1.000


  • A pre-engagement call
  • Complementary tech support
  • 5-day access to a recording of the experience


Starting at € 12.000

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Key Learnings

Understand the behavioral science behind the purpose-driven leadership and strategy approach

Learn from real-world examples and common pitfalls

Get the process and tools to be able to identify, express and translate purpose “Your Why” into “What” and “How”

Understand how to lead with purpose and harness its power for important business dimensions

Perfect For Companies

Seeking engaged employees who understand the company’s and/or the team’s purpose, and how they can contribute

Planning a major business project, like expanding into new markets, a re-branding, or strategic innovation

Struggling with finding talent

What People Say

Metaphorically speaking: Nadine Bruder is like a secret asset to any business.

Jascha SteinSerial Tech Entrepreneur & WEF Global Innovator

After only three months working with Nadine we have achieved the things that we have been trying to accomplish with several consultancies for the past eight years.

CEOEuropean IT-Service Provider

Nadine’s intricate sense and sharp foresight to identify business opportunities, potential products and brands make her stand on the frontline of all things digital and innovative.

CEOConsumer Goods Company

Three Modules – Packed With What Makes Loved Brands

The Power of Purpose 

The workshop begins with interactive sessions in which you learn scientific insights into the power of “on-purpose leadership”, why it’s so simple and compelling. Nadine also shares real-world examples from purpose-driven brands and the results they are able to achieve.

What’s Your Purpose 

Nadine will walk you step-by-step through the process of identifying and formulating clearly a purpose, aka the “Why” behind your “What” and “How”. You’ll also learn common pitfalls and how to avoid them. In groups you can reflect on the techniques and refine the purpose that feels right and authentic.

Translate and Integrate 

Now that you are able to express the purpose aka “Your Why”, the third module is about understanding how to translate and align strategy and business with the purpose. Finally, we will identify actionable ways to integrate the purpose across your organization.

Unlock the Power of Purpose Starting Today!
All I Wish Is to See You Thrive. 

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Nadine Bruder – multiple-award winning
strategist & founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT

About Nadine Bruder

Nadine Bruder is a multiple-award winning strategist, conceptual creative, sustainability/ ESG advocate, renaissance woman with an art & science mindset, and the founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT.

Asking “WHY” and “HOW” in favor of purpose, empowerment and progress is her innate mode and has been at the core of her work throughout.

Funnily enough Nadine’s first purpose-led strategy advisory work directly after university in 2007 turned Steve Jobs – the businessman who personifies purpose-driven leadership probably still the most – into a fan of her former mandate’s brand.

She has been a catalytic and transformative force for international companies, both industry leaders and innovative startups, for over a decade now. Her signature is a strategic orchestration of purpose-driven leadership, technology and innovation, sustainability, culture, and experience design – resulting in major improvements of performance, ROI and brand equity for companies.

From creating brands and digital products that have been awarded, strategizing and executing innovation and culture labs for listed companies, to developing new revenue streams and business models, international growth initiatives, and partnerships that exceeded goals.

Vodafone, VISA, Ford, Henkel, Berlinale Film Festival and Canyon Bicycles are some of the brands Nadine has had the privilege to work with.

In 2016 she built Germany’s first disruptive IT education company from scratch to help close the talent gap and enable people to start a new career in tech. Since then, Nadine has been integrating the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ESG, and finance/investing into her professional activities.

Today she runs JUST DAMN RIGHT, operating internationally at the intersection of sustainability-led investing, innovation, and culture to create and help grow solutions that address the challenges of our time, big and small. In addition, together with her team of domain experts, Nadine guides companies on their paths to ESG and becoming an impact leader.