JUST DAMN RIGHT inspires consciousness and grows the value of brands led by sustainability in the realms of art de vivre, wellbeing, luxury, and technology innovation to help renewal today’s cultural systems.

Appreciated for its innovative and effective approach, JUST DAMN RIGHT creates future facing marketing strategies and increases brands’ team performance with state of the art techniques and tools. Our focus: turning undervalued and overlooked opportunities into brand equity and growth.

We collaborate with exceptional creatives, renowned brands and with domain experts from our international network – hence, opening up additional and refined opportunities for brand building. 

JUST DAMN RIGHT’s team adds 17+ years of innovation and digital expertise in various business fields as well as 25+ years of talent search and team performance. Based in Europe, operating internationally.

Some Brands JDR’s Team Contributed For


Marketing Strategy
Brand Building Strategy
Production (Photo, Video, 3D Motion)

PR Strategy
Press + Media Relations
Editorial and Copywriting
PR/ Event space in Paris

Talent Development
Team Performance




Who JUST DAMN RIGHT works with?

We work directly with chief decision makers of companies and with individuals who lead in their fields. We work with those who value responsible management practices and sustainable solutions. What they get from us is not only our service, but also a team that cheers them on along the way. Because we know that being integer leaders means to have the guts to swim against the current.

Why they work with us?

Four reasons: JUST DAMN RIGHT’s approach is to blend areas with the power to be at the forefront of brand building. We are experienced domain experts and acknowledged creatives who intentionally go against the model of traditional marketing and consulting firms. Our believe is: the more overhead, the less surprising quality results for clients. We are truly invested in the business challenges of clients as we draw from our entrepreneurial mindsets and hands-on industry insights.

When to work with us?

Decision makers turn to JUST DAMN RIGHT when they need a strategic-creative and unbiased ally who helps them see and manifest new business opportunities through the lens of culture,  sustainability-related market developments, and brand experiences. They also work together with us for thought leadership on local and international levels, as well as for market entry strategies in Europe or the USA.

What’s the working setup?

We co-create the fundamental work either with one decision maker or with the management board during a structured process. Based on that strategic-creative output, JUST DAMN RIGHT’s work then is twofold. We take charge and execute the brand marketing/ PR activities which are on our to do list, and we guide the client’s team on its part regarding consistent execution and experiences.

You want to know us?

As a way to introduce ourselves and our work, we like to share our portfolio with you. Nadine Bruder, founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT, will present it to you.

Request our portfolio here