Create, Implement and Leverage Your ESG Strategy

Understand where to start, what it takes, and how to execute your ESG strategy the best possible way without feeling overwhelmed.

Consumers, employees, and the financial market demand sustainable practices from organizations. In addition, transparent reporting on ESG management becomes more and more mandatory.

Given the planetary boundaries and rising economic shifts towards a circular economy, having an ESG strategy in place future-proofs your business.

Yet, most business leaders don’t know where to start, what it takes and how to create and integrate their ESG strategy in the best possible way without feeling overwhelmed.

In this keynote we will share our “3 Horizons Approach” for business impact that will enable you to create your business specific ESG strategy including net-zero emissions, set-up a system for reporting and continuous improvement, as well as leveraging your ESG strategy for business innovation and development.

In our approach we have weaved in our decades of expertise in strategic innovation and transformation management for listed companies, as well as our purpose-driven leadership and experience design know-how.


Keynote, on-site or virtual


45 – 90 min live session


English or German


  • A pre-engagement call
  • Q&A
  • Complementary tech support
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Key Takeaways

How an ESG strategy helps your organization become a trusted industry leader

How to determine which ESG metrics are right for you and how much time it takes for you to report on ESG (for the first time)

How to align ESG with your purpose and business strategy

How ESG management provides and nurtures new business opportunities

Perfect For Companies

Seeking to improve existing ESG management and business impact strategy

Starting their ESG and impact strategy from scratch

Start Creating Your ESG and Business Imapct Strategy Today!