JUST DAMN RIGHT’s consulting arm creates and overhauls brands and products, embeds them into innovation and sustainability, and open doors for them to expand into new arenas.

Hello! I’m Nadine Bruder, founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT.

I believe that holistic sustainability (ESG/SDG) will be the defining measurement for success of any leader and brand. Fast forward, economies that put people and planet first are possible, lucrative and hold exciting opportunities for societies that we cannot imagine yet. And ultimately, I believe that individuals inherently seek to contribute to meaningful solutions and responsible organizations.

If you can relate to this, how will you lead into the future?

$53 trillion

Global ESG assets estimated to exceed by 2025.


We only have this decade to keep the global temperature rise at 1.5 °C and to secure a desirable living on planet earth.

$20 trillion

Additional global economic growth by unlocking gender equality.

Consulting Offerings

Unlock New Opportunities

Business Development

Get a clear, desirable vision about the purpose and future success of your brand. Have that vision reverse engineered into strategic growth initiatives and actionable steps across your business.

Enjoy support for:

  • Strategic growth initiatives
  • Sustainability strategy
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Strategic Network

Expand your business ecosystem or engage with new audiences. Harness access to domain experts and our involvement in the sustainability, technology, lifestyle and investment industries in Europe, the US and Asia.

Enjoy support for:

  • Sustainability ecosystem
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Innovation council
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Content Production

Embed your brand in culturally relevant conversations. Create delightful and meaningful experiences for your customers and stakeholders with JUST DAMN RIGHT that bring them closer to you.

Enjoy support for:

  • Sustainability-led initiatives
  • Branded content
  • Domain experts/ influencers engagement
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As founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT and all-rounder, I know myself that sometimes it would just feel so good and helpful to have a sparring partner on eye-level who is neutral, yet truly engaged in one’s activities and who inspires with fresh perspectives. Something that I haven’t experienced with typical consultancies or agencies.

That’s why JUST DAMN RIGHT’s consulting is integrational and honest, supporting only executives that value future-leading, hands-on collaboration. In that setup I will be your Co-CCSO (Chief Creative & Strategy Officer).

Metaphorically speaking: Nadine Bruder is like a secret asset to any business.

Jascha SteinSerial Tech Entrepreneur & WEF Global Innovator

Nadine’s intricate sense and sharp foresight to identify business opportunities, potential products and brands make her stand on the frontline of all things digital and innovative.

CEOConsumer Goods Company

After only three months working with Nadine we have achieved the things that we have been trying to accomplish with several consultancies for the past eight years.

CEOEuropean IT-Service Provider

The Approach

Our signature approach towards your business challenges is a combination of strategic thinking, creative problem-solving, ecosystem design and leadership coaching. Additionally unique is that we curate experiential learning sessions at distant places to nurture creativity and a growth mindset which is needed in today’s management.

With Nadine Bruder as your Co-CCSO you will seamlessly connect the dots across industries, innovations, sustainability and experience design — each making their mark on your business and brand. It also means that you can draw on her multifaceted, hands-on knowledge and get access to domain experts through JUST DAMN RIGHT’s network.

Whether it’s the redefinition of a product strategy end-to-end, seeking strategic partners, or the ability to uncover and translate a brand’s purpose into meaningful experiences, or all the growth opportunities in between, simultaneously integrating business strategy and creativity is the essence by which we get to help leaders create lasting impact.

Enjoy Transformative Experiences

What’s special about our signature advisory format is the option for customized learning experiences which are available in different cities such as Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, New York or San Francisco.

Learning experiences are uniquely curated programs based on your set goals during our time together. Such programs inspire and accelerate in ways which have been neglected for too long in business practices. And on top you would enjoy access to exclusive places, hidden local gems and to different experts/ communities in these cities.

The Setup


Unless it’s a creative concept and content production, we usually work with executives for a minimum of 6-12 months to ensure quality results on strategic matters and/or business partnership.

During that time we listen and speak the truth, challenge the status quo and develop new approaches and strategies ready for implementation.


Nadine Bruder as your Co-CCSO and a team of trusted domain experts will support you for problem solving and execution. And if applicable, you get access to JUST DAMN RIGHT’s bespoke network and carefully curated service providers.


You can add curated learning experiences at any time during our collaboration. However, please keep in mind that their planning requires enough time upfront.

Getting Started

During a first kick-off meeting we will clarify your challenges and goals, and you will provide access to information that we require for our work.

After this initial step, you will get a refined yet lean roadmap for our collaboration.

Along the Way

As your Co-CCSO Nadine Bruder is going to lead the development of strategic and/or creative solutions while including your expertise and that of your stakeholders.

For partnerships and ecosystem development, we use a proven approach that opens doors for you to expand into new arenas.

There will be video calls or in person meetings regularly to work towards the overall goals. Those meetings may vary in length and depth.

Nadine Bruder would oversee executions of creative concepts, strategies and product overhauls throughout the collaboration.

About Nadine Bruder

Award-winning business strategist, conceptual creative, sustainability advocate (ESG/SDGs) – In short: a renaissance woman with a “science & art mindset”.

For the past 1.5 decade Nadine Bruder has been a catalytic force for businesses and talents, applying her signature of seamlessly blending analytics, strategy, technology and experience design resulting in growth opportunities, increased revenue and brand equity.

She has had the privilege to directly advise senior executives of global companies and startup founders from the technology, lifestyle, health/wellness, human capital and Fintech/financial industries across the world on how to harness digital and data innovations, sustainability and purpose-driven leadership.

Nadine’s first strategic advisory right after university turned Steve Jobs into a fan of a client’s product. And in 2008 she turned MAN Trucks & Bus into the first international brand that publicly claimed smart city living and energy-efficient transportation as we start to implement only today.

Nadine has a track record strategizing digital services, innovation and strategic growth initiatives, brand experiences, market entries, and high value partnerships. Her work has been recognized with multiple industry awards. Ford, VISA, Carbo Culture, Henkel, Vodafone, Kickstarter and Canyon Bicycles to name a few brands she’s been working with.

In 2016 she strategized (end-to-end) and launched Germany’s first innovative IT-bootcamp education company which operates out of four cities today. Right after that transformative experience, Nadine got involved in sustainability and climate innovations, SDG/ESG measurements and investing in Europe, Northern America and Asia to help shape a sustainable future.

As founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT she creates own sustainability-led ventures and consults like-minded leaders as their Co-CCSO.

There Will Be a Fit, If This Is You

Your Motivation

  • You truly want change and are tired of working with traditional consultancies!
  • You seek to generate new growth opportunities connected with sustainability.
  • Or you’re looking for ways to improve your product/ service.
  • You desire to connect with new audiences or expand to new markets.
  • You grew through M&A and now need refinement of your purpose.

Your Position and Language

  • You’re an executive, founder or member of the board at a lifestyle or technology company which operates internationally or within the EU.
  • If you’re founder of a startup, it shall be at growth stage.
  • You speak English or German.

What Are Your Goals?

If you’re in charge of a lifestyle or technology brand, and JUST DAMN RIGHT’S consulting with me as your Co-CCSO resonates with you, please reach out to arrange a free 30 minutes call in which we discuss your current situation and your goals.

Nadine Bruder