“It’s not a question anymore about whether and when to adapt to sustainable market developments. Instead, it’s a question about what can you do already today to harness new, sustainability-focused opportunities and how to lead into the future. I personally believe that sustainability is becoming the new defining criteria by which the success of any brand, organization and leader will be measured.”

– Nadine Bruder

Power of the Hybrid

JUST DAMN RIGHT is a platform focused on sustainability-led investing, culture and future-leading education. It’s founded by award-winning strategist Nadine Bruder and backed by an international network of experienced entrepreneurs, sustainability experts, investors, scientists, advocates, creatives and analysts. Some have founded own companies, some are working at top tier law firms, innovative companies and startups, philanthropic foundations or at investment firms.

JUST DAMN RIGHT is rooted in the digital economy and in the traditional manufacturing industries, hence being able to apply the business mindsets and best sustainability-led solutions of both. The result: A future-leading strategic operating system for innovations that put people and planet first. Our approach is hands-on, we’ve seen what works, saving expensive mis-steps. We ask tough and eye-opening questions and answer yours with 100% honesty. It’s how we lovingly get you from good to future-leading.


We invest into a new generation of responsible solutions and businesses.

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We provide leaders and investors with advise on impact strategy as well as with sustainability-focused opportunities in developed and emerging markets.

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We create formats and experiences that help to collectively shape a sustainable future.

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