Committed to Creating a Desirable Future, Full Stop.

JUST DAMN RIGHT embodies an attitude and is a hybrid platform focused on sustainability-led ventures, education and culture. It is backed by an international network of exceptional entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, creatives, scientists and lawyers who shape the future.

“It’s not a question anymore about whether and when to adapt to sustainable market developments. Instead, it’s a question about what can you do already today to harness new, sustainability-led opportunities and how to lead into the future. I personally believe that sustainability is becoming the new defining criteria by which the success of any brand, organization and leader will be measured.”

– Nadine Bruder

Investing In Impact-Driven Founders

We Believe In That ONE Idea Of Yours!

ONE backs impact-driven founders seeking to turn their game-changing ideas into profitable businesses faster and more reliably.

With ONE we provide everything that companies at seed stage need to arrive at Series A with a compelling impact business case, foundations for its growth, access to a high quality network, strong legal support including a clean term sheet – while incorporating measurements for a start-up’s sustainable impact and supporting its funding.

Empowering Individuals to Thrive

#WealthLifeImpact Leap

Ready to Align Your Work >< Life, Finances and Your Desire to Support a Sustainable Future?

#WealthLifeImpact Leap is a transformational 8-week online program, coaching and community to help you increase positive impact and sustainable wealth – starting where you are at in your career and what you’ve got. Feel more fulfilled and joyful by aligning your work >< life, finances and desire for sustainability, and be empowered to invest in future-leading solutions.

You Have More to Offer Than You’re Aware of!

Get the “Claim Your Value Guide” – a 32-page guide to uncovering, articulating and claiming your individual treasure vault that adds unique value to people as well as in your job and career. Learn how to tap into your self-worth and manage work >< life and money matters from a place of confidence. The guide includes an arsenal of powerful tools, step-by-step worksheets, audio recordings and advice to help you transform.

Culture For Change

Independent She For Social Impact Awards

Launched in 2020, the independent and international She For Social Impact Awards celebrate and support visionary women from across the world and different industries, whose innovative solutions challenge the status quo and create a sustainable future in alignment with the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) already today.


Power of the hybrid – JUST DAMN RIGHT is a platform focused on sustainability-led investments, culture and future-leading education. It’s founded and managed by 12x award-winning strategist Nadine Bruder.

EMPOWERMENT – We provide people with insights, resources and access to thrive in life.

CULTURE – We create formats to collectively shape a sustainable future.

INVESTING – We invest into a new generation of responsible solutions and businesses.

JUST DAMN RIGHT is backed by an international network of experienced entrepreneurs, sustainability experts, investors, scientists, advocates, creatives and analysts. Some of us have founded own companies, some of us have been working at top tier law firms, innovative companies and startups, philanthropic foundations or at investment firms.

We are rooted in the digital economy and in the traditional manufacturing industries, hence we apply the business mindsets and best sustainability-led solutions of both.

The result: A future-leading strategic operating system for innovation beyond digital transformation.

Our approach is hands-on, we’ve seen what works, saving expensive mis-steps. We ask tough and eye-opening questions and answer yours with 100% honesty. It’s how we lovingly get you from good to future-leading.

Let’s Make, Build, Scale Together

You Seek Our Support or Advisory?

Hello! I’m Nadine Bruder, founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT. If you are a forward-thinking organization, company or investor, let’s discuss what we can make, build, scale together. We bring for example SDG/ESG expertise, investment opportunities, innovative solutions, partnerships in various industries, and experiential education.

Free Resource For Future Innovators & Teams

Maximize Sustainable Value. Get Buy-in In Seconds. Execute Better Decisions Faster.

If you are a designer, engineer, marketer, analyst or manager who seeks to create meaningful solutions and businesses with positive impact, then get the FREE ebook “Value & Growth Toolbox 2020+” – a 48-page curation of must-have tools for creativity, insights and strategic planning.

Nadine Bruder, founder of JUST DAMN RIGHT, included the tools that she used to turn Steve Jobs into a fan of her first client ever; some of her hard-earned learnings; a checklist you can use right away; and links to her favorite books for context.

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