We believe sustainability is the greatest opportunity for mankind.

Hence, we foster the growth of individuals and co-invest in solutions that create sustainable impacts on our transforming world.

How we do it


Re-define Business As A Force For Sustainability. The FUTURE SHAPER ROADMAP online program teaches professionals and entrepreneurs the INSIGHTS AND SKILLSETS OF THE FUTURE: how organizations and brands can economically thrive and be a force for good and sustainability. And how YOU can become an agent for change. Get the insights, tools, network and support you need to accelerate positive impact and your career.

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We partner


We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, creatives, engineers, analysts, marketers and ESG/SDG experts. We’ve seen what works and can replicate success in product, marketing, business ecosystem development and in impact-led business strategy. Our approach is hands-on and we’re in it for the long haul. We complement the team of venture partners, saving time and expensive mis-steps. And we also design/develop own solutions for which we seek partnerships in production, data and distribution.


Yes. But we put our money where our mouth is: we invest, so that we can be your partners or mentors.

Expertise & Track Record

We have unique approaches, tools and processes that have proven successful:

  • Product-to-market fit
  • Product definition
  • Brand building and marketing
  • Experience design
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Business ecosystem development
  • Sustainability-led business strategy
  • ESG/SDG application and measurement
  • Impact-led investing

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Sustainability. An Indispensable Act of Great Leadership.


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