There Are So Many Exciting New Things That Organizations Can Apply to Be Profitable and Do Good.

Leverage future-leading sustainability strategies, innovations and investments. We support you along your way.

Why Sustainability First In a Digital World?

Economic science shows that sustainability-led companies outperform S&P500 listed ones which do not comply with environmentally, socially and economically sustainable practices. However, climate science shows we have only this decade to create the systemic socio-economic changes needed for a still decent life for our and for future generations.

Policymaking bodies and individuals continue to push for environmental, social, economic and financial sustainable practices by businesses and organizations. Just to name “Europe’s Green Deal”, the “FridaysForFuture” movement and the United Nations’ global Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs)”. But it’s not enough yet with regards to the small timeframe left to prevent hardships beyond e.g. the coronavirus crisis.

At the same time, digital technologies – if used responsibly and with foresight – can massively extend our capabilities to solve sustainability-related challenges that the world is facing.

“It’s not a question anymore about whether and when to adapt to those market developments. Instead, it’s a question about what can you do already today to harness new, sustainability-led opportunities and how to lead into the future. I personally believe that sustainability is becoming the new defining criteria by which success of any brand and leader will be measured.”

– Nadine Bruder

How We Support You

We want you to level-up the playing field for others in your industry to follow.

Together with your cross-functional management team we will uncover new opportunities for your company or organization during our 6-12 weeks strategy format, evaluate them and design your sustainability strategy. We will also help you design its execution with regards to your existing ecosystem and financial options at hand.

We are a team of experienced impact-led entrepreneurs, sustainability experts, strategists, investors, advocates and engineers, working and based internationally. Some of us founded companies, some of us do scientific research, some of us have been working at top tier law firms, some of us manage investment funds.

By combining our experiences, international networks and industry insights, we support your goals towards sustainability-led innovations and investments and help with the execution of your defined roadmap. We have hands-on approaches, advanced tools and proven processes.

Step 1
Sustainability Opportunities

We carry out an »Opportunity Assessment« with relevant stakeholders in your company. This is a structured audit based on interviews to uncover the opportunities for your company in the following areas:

  • Sustainability / CSR
  • Products / Services
  • Innovation Management
  • Marketing / Communications
  • Operations / Supply Chain
  • Strategic Partnerships

Step 2
Strategy Design

Based on the opportunity assessment and combined with our insights into industries, innovations and sustainability developments, together as a team we design your sustainability strategy. We evaluate the opportunities based on a mix of variables, and we define which actions to take, leading to a set of curated activities / projects and to a prioritized roadmap.

Step 3
Ecosystem & Finance

The way how we additionally support companies and organizations stems from our own hands-on experiences and networks in innovation management and ecosystem development as well as in investment management and legal M&A advisory.

This means, whenever it is required we support with:

  • financing new sustainability activities
  • legal matters
  • operationalize sustainability activities
  • new business ecosystems locally and internationally
  • new strategic partnerships
  • ESG/SDG application and measurement

About Us

Power of the hybrid – JUST DAMN RIGHT is a platform for sustainability-led venture building, culture and an international strategy consultancy.

We are a team of experienced impact-led entrepreneurs, sustainability experts, investors, advocates, engineers and creatives. Some of us have founded own companies, some of us have been working at top tier law firms, creative agencies, philanthropy organizations or at investment companies.

We are rooted in the new digital economy and in the traditional manufacturing industries, hence we apply the business mindsets and best sustainability-led solutions of both.

The result: A future-leading strategic operating system for businesses and organizations beyond digital transformation.

Our approach is hands-on, we’ve seen what works, saving time and expensive mis-steps. We ask tough and eye-opening questions and answer yours with 100% honesty. It’s how we lovingly get you from good to future-leading.


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