We create, grow and fund impact-led solutions and products for a sustainable future.


We believe that leveraging the United Nations’ Global Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) in innovations outperforms traditional business ideas and creates a world that everyone desires to live in.

Therefore, JUST DAMN RIGHT creates, grows and manages a portfolio of forward thinking impact-led products and solutions that leverage advanced technologies, the SDGs and the power of culture – thus redefining the landscape of contemporary businesses.

JUST DAMN RIGHT brings its own solutions and products to live and creates ventures with innovative companies and talents around the globe.

International networks.
Fast acceleration.

A selective, international network of digital entrepreneurs, recognized creatives, industry leaders, cultural tastemakers, scientists, talented engineers and investors is the backbone of JUST DAMN RIGHT.

Technology innovators

provide powerful IT-solutions, artificial intelligence, data resources, new process engineering and software.

Creatives and marketing experts

add convincing user experience designs, campaigning as well as marketing automation and analytics solutions.

Private Investors

support JUST DAMN RIGHT, because they share our vision for impact-led solutions and entrepreneurship to help create a world that benefits us all.

Create ventures with us.

In the case of ventures, JUST DAMN RIGHT provides funding, strategy guidance (product/service, business, design, go-to-market, marketing and ecosystem development), ecosystem development incl. strategic partnerships and direct access to our international network of designers and engineers.

This might be of interest to you, if you have a product or solution that you like us to help bring to market?

Or if you have innovative technologies that we can build upon resp. leverage for the design of impact-led solutions or products?

Or maybe you represent a company and would like us to help create your impact innovation strategy and ecosystem?

Join as

You are an investor who shares our vision for a sustainable future?

Reach out to us and describe shortly who you are and what your ideas for a collaboration are.